The Vision and Mission

Generation Impact Ministries was birthed in 1993. The purpose for this ministry includes the following burdens and mandates:

• To present the Word of God in an uncompromised, yet compassionate manner in order to awaken the Church and arrest the hearts of a lost and dying world.
• To encourage and challenge churches and ministries worldwide with the message of revival and awakening.
• To instill a fresh hunger for prayer (intercession) and an awareness of the Lord Jesus Christ glorified in the midst of His church, in this hour.
• To equip, encourage, mentor, develop and release individuals into their ministry destinies.
• To encourage and support missionaries involved in spreading the gospel throughout the nations of the world.
• To prepare, teach and make available various materials that are designated to prepare and mobilize an army of radical laborers and followers of Jesus that will fulfill His purposes in this hour.
• To help foster the networking of various ministries in order to expedite and assist in the spreading of the gospel on a global level.
• To assist in the planting and support of churches in multiple regions, nationally and internationally.
• To assist in bringing the generations together in order to harness the dynamics of wisdom, discernment and experience, with that of zeal, excitement and passion, for the work of God’s Kingdom in this Church Age.
• To model ministry in such a way that others are encouraged and challenged in their labors for the Lord.