Dear Friends,

It is with a sense of urgency that I write this today. I have spent the last several weeks on the road preaching in various settings. As many of you know, I have been actively involved in ministry now for several years, 25 to be exact. During this time I have been blessed to experience many levels of God’s glory, love, holiness and burden. I have also been extremely fortunate to be a part of a genuine outpouring that could have only been birthed by the Spirit of God. I take none of my past history for granted and am fully aware that Jesus used every setting for His purposes, by allowing me to be more and more forged into His eternal destiny for my life!

However, in recent days as I have been among various groups, something different and deeper has been taking place in my spirit. It is as if a divine pressure has come upon me, which in turn has brought me into a sense of urgency and desperation for Jesus, like I have never known. On one level my heart remains broken over the condition of a dying world, as well as an apathetic, sinful church age. Despite the reality and continuance of this brokeness, there is something divine that is prompting me as never before to walk in, believe for and do the supernatural works of Jesus in this generation. This is by no means a call to be a popular, desired preacher (we have more of them than we need, to say the least), this that I am experiencing is a mandate to expend myself as never before in order to bring Jesus glory in the nations of the earth!

In recent months we have witnessed great levels of tradgedy due to earthquakes in various parts of our world. Though this is tragic and should cause all of us to pray for and assist the affected, it is nothing compared to the shaking that God can and will do in the days ahead. I am convinced as never before that everything will now begin to rapidly change in the world and church, as the Lord stirs His people to become His expression of holiness, mercy, grace, authority and deliverance in the earth in these closing hours. We do not have time to continue to focus on ourselves and our temporal comfort! As God’s people we must become normal and burn with a passion for Jesus and eternal things as the scriptures command us to do!

I will post some more things regarding this subject later on facebook, as well as However, before I close let me exhort and challenge you to be careful about what and who you align your heart, life and ministry with in this hour. There are many false sounds and hollow (though loud) expressions among ministry today, and sadly we live in an hour where people get so excited about demonstrative expressions that often times we lay truth and purity aside for the sake of another feel good experience that often times only produces more of the same. Despite the willingness by ministry to overlook blatant sin and disobedience in this hour, Jesus still demands that we live a life that brings Him glory. He has never and will never condone disobedience because an individual or individuals have a calling or gifting in their lives.

Please know that I post this in love and conviction, as I long to see an army of radical laborers arise in this hour and become willing by life or by death to honor our great Lord and King! May we never exchange purity of heart for carnal opportunity that only glorifies man and manmade ministry expressions that are void of pure Holy Fire!!!

All for Jesus,

Keith Collins