There is an alarming reality that is taking place among those who are “called into the ministry” in this hour.

What I mean by this is that many of the modern day ministers of the gospel are not driven by the unction of a prophetic burden from the Lord. Instead, the driving force in their life and ministry is product promotion, which in essence is really self-promotion. Sadly, this ungodly phenomenon is not only permitted but promoted. It is as if many of these individuals are proud of the fact that they have mastered the art of acquiring funds and support from individuals as their personal interests and kingdoms are being built on their ability to market themselves, while using Jesus as their mascot.

As I was doing college work in the process of acquiring a business degree some time ago, I had the opportunity to take various classes that dealt with many different marketing strategies. These concepts were taught in such a way as to teach us how to entice individuals into promotional themes that presented products and or services. I distinctly remember the projects I completed that were intended to instruct us how to psychologically draw people into marketing schemes. Even though much of what I learned was good and profitable when it comes to business, I know with certainty that many today cross a line when it comes to ministry and the concept of peddling the gospel (which often times is no gospel at all). This practice is blatant and practiced by many without shame. My heart is that true prophetic voices will arise in this hour and begin to deal with much of the ungodly practices of those who claim to be called of God to preach the gospel.

Some distinct differences between a prophetic minister and a product driven minister are as follows:

1) Prophetic ministers are committed to the preaching of the cross despite the cost to them personally and even financially. Product driven ministers stick their finger in the air and find out what is currently popular in the Church and adjust accordingly. In other words, if revival is popular they push revival, if prosperity is popular, they push prosperity, if the prophetic is popular, they push the prophetic, etc.

2) Prophetic ministers are not for sale (they have a continual awareness of the fact that they are purchased by the blood of Jesus). Product driven ministers can be bought (if the price is right). Despite the fact that many of them were born again of the Spirit of God and have experienced His divine touch, they are now more concerned with their own popularity and image than they are purity of heart, righteousness and the blood of Jesus that screams out for obedience to the Word of God.

3) Prophetic ministers resist the lime light of this present world and seek to push the image and glory of Jesus at all times. Product driven ministers are infatuated with their own image and identity and love to plaster it wherever and whenever they can so that people will be drawn to them and their position in the business of the Gospel Enterprise, that dethrones Jesus and enthrones themselves.

4) Prophetic ministers are consumed with the divine burden of the Lord and live out that burden. Product driven ministers are motivated by the next project at hand that consumes their energy. They are always thinking of the next promotion and how it can be presented in order to generate the most revenue while pushing self, self and more self.

5) Prophetic ministers walk in brokeness and humility (they realize their need of God’s divine assistance in their lives incessantly). Product driven ministers are consumed with arrogance and pride. They often times get to where they become hardened and demanding on others as they assertively push their own agendas, stratedgies and ideas. Sadly, they get to a place where their own kingdom building takes precedence over people, and if people get ran over while self and product are being pushed, then so be it. The idol of ministry (self) must stand and all cost!

6) Prophetic ministers embrace and live out the example of Jesus and set an example of complete servant leadership. Product driven ministers demand to be served and create a false world where they actually believe they are to be honored and served in such a way that those who serve them are some how supernaturally blessed just to be in their presence. Don’t get me wrong, I completely believe in serving others and consider it a joy to assist true men and women of God. However, if those men and women of God are not willing to serve others the same way, then in reality they have a spiritual disease that I call “Little Man’s Disease”. This is a condition that is often times rooted in insecurity and comes out with a mask of self-confidence, harshness and arrogance. The only cure is true repentance which alone can lead to true brokeness. This disease has destroyed many (even those mightily used of God) and if it is not dealt with and corrected, often times it leads to a lifestyle of sin and compromise which in turn can and does lead to spiritual paralysis and or death. This can happen despite the fact that the machine of product driven ministry carries on in the eyes of the people.

7) Prophetic ministers naturally reproduce spiritual sons and daughters. Product driven ministers are too driven by self to produce anything but more of self. They might entice individuals into their arena for a season by offering them promises of assistance, mentoring, opportunity, etc. However, most of the time they leave a wake of people in their ministry path who have become wounded, disallusioned, confused and even backslid due to the the example that was set before them. Sadly, the sons and daughters that are created are usually twisted into the same spiritually deformed, product driven, self-promoting individual that set the pattern before them.

I have only touched the surface on this subject and will be writing more in the future. My prayer is that God will grip our hearts in this hour and cause a genuine awakening to take place among His Church. I challenge all of you (as well as myself) to search out the origin of your actions within the House of God. Why do we do what we do? Are our motivations born from the heart of God or are they rooted in the deprivation of self?

We must get honest before the Holiness of Jesus and allow the search light of His glory to reveal anything within us that would hinder the eternal purposes of Jesus in our lives.

All For Jesus,

Keith Collins
Generation Impact Ministries