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About GIM

Who Are we?

Generation Impact Ministries is the ministry of Keith and Darla Collins. They have been actively involved in various ministry service for over 30 years and currently reside in Charlotte, NC. Their experience includes the following: Youth Pastors, Senior Pastors, Itinerate Ministry, Missionary Work, Outreach Center Directors, Bible College Professor, Dean of Students, Director of Campus Life and Bible College President/Director. In recent years Keith served as the President of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry and Director of the Brownsville Ministry Training Center, which were both born out of The Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, FL. During this time Darla served as the Administrator of both institutions. Prior to this Keith also served at the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry in the role of Pastoral Care Director and Dean of Students. Keith and Darla were also instrumental in helping to launch FIRE School of Ministry and Keith assisted there while serving as Pastoral Care Director, Faculty Member, and Director of Campus Life. Currently Keith is serving as the lead pastor of FIRE Church in Concord, NC (www.fire-church.org) and He and Darla are serving as the Director and Administrator of FIRE School of Ministry (www.fire-school.org) based in the greater Charlotte, NC area. Keith is also actively involved in itinerate ministry and speaks in various settings nationally and internationally on a regular basis.

The Vision and Mission

Generation Impact Ministries was birthed in 1993. The purpose for this ministry is multi-faceted and includes the following burdens and mandates:

1. To present the Word of God in an uncompromised, yet compassionate manner in order to awaken the Church and arrest the hearts of a lost and dying world.
2. To encourage and challenge churches and ministries worldwide with the message of revival and awakening.
3. To instill a fresh hunger for prayer (intercession) and an awareness of the Lord Jesus Christ glorified in the midst of His church, in this hour.
4. To equip, encourage, mentor, develop and release individuals into their ministry destinies.
5. To encourage and support missionaries involved in spreading the gospel throughout the nations of the world.
6. To prepare, teach and make available various materials that are designated to prepare and mobilize an army of radical laborers and followers of Jesus that will fulfill His purposes in this hour.
7. To help foster the networking of various ministries in order to expedite and assist in the spreading of the gospel on a global level.
8. To assist in the planting and support of churches in multiple regions, nationally and internationally.
9. To assist in bringing the generations together in order to harness the dynamics of wisdom, discernment and experience, with that of zeal, excitement and passion, for the work of God’s Kingdom in this Church Age.
10. To model ministry in such a way that others are encouraged and challenged in their labors for the Lord.


It is at the heart of Generation Impact Ministries to make a difference for Jesus in the lives of all those that they come in contact with. Keith and Darla know that this demands embracing a burden from God’s very own heart. As the prophets of old were consumed with the (Lord Himself), may modern culture once again see a people burn with the purposes of Jesus, while refusing to be distracted by the multiple idols of this world! May the Lord Jesus be glorified among the generations of this hour!!!

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This is a short film shot over two nights on the island of Samal in the Philippines. It was during the Awake Samal Crusade led by the FIRE International missionaries serving in the Philippines. Keith Collins is preaching on the Kingdom of God.

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Dear Friends, Recently I was blessed to be on the set of "Good News" with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda! The shows will air on GodTV this coming week (Monday, May 29th – Friday, June 2nd 2017). You can view the episodes on the GodTV Channel at 7pm EST. They are also available at god.tv/tunein/us or you can view it online by watching it On Demand at god.tv. I trust that you will be blessed and encouraged as you watch and thanks so much for your prayers and support as we take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of the world! To help support our ministry please go to (keith-collins.org), GodTV.net. Thanks and blessings!!! ...

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The power of God's love brings definition to our lives. Without it we are simply wandering through our brief journey on earth trying to find identity and fulfillment in what this world can offer. Let me encourage you today with the truth that Jesus loves you in a deep way! He also has a plan for you, which begins with the beautiful place of repentance. As I write this I hear the Lord saying to me that there are those who have experienced a false repentance that never led to a revelation of the power of the Cross, which alone displays the depths of God's love for you! Even as you are reading this I can see you reaching out in your heart to see if what I am saying is real. My friend, it is very real and Jesus not only desires to set you free today, He also desires to make Himself known to you. Right now find a place to meet with Him and surrender completely! His presence and love will meet you there and you will never be the same! Love & Grace! (keith-collins.org) ...

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may, 2017

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1may7:00 pmCrossroads World Outreach Center (Columbia, SC)7:00 pm

7mayAll DayFIRE ChurchSunday Morning Service(All Day: sunday) EST

14mayAll DayFIRE ChurchSunday Morning Service (10:00 AM)(All Day: sunday) EST

28may10:00 amCommunity Fellowship Church10:00 am

  • The battle of the ages is for the passions of humanity. When God truly has our hearts, then the things of this world grow increasingly dim.

    Keith Collins
  • God loves with a great love the man whose heart is bursting with a passion for the impossible.

    William Booth
  • When logic and reasoning fail, then faith becomes the anchor that supports the hearts of those that belong exclusively to Jesus and His divine plan!

    Keith Collins
  • The adventure of the Christian life begins when we dare to do what we would never tackle without Christ.

    William Penn
  • Oftentimes the greatest hindrance to effective ministry is successful ministry void of the breath of eternity!

    Keith Collins
  • This life is just a dressing room for eternity, that’s all it is!

    Leonard Ravenhill

Audio and Video

City Transformation
Personal Transformation
Embracing and Sustaining a Prophetic Heart
Acquiring An Eternal Paradigm
The Importance of a Godly Heritage
The Mandate
The Heart of God
The Cycle of Sin and the Power of the Resurrection

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